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April 22, 2016

Cub Scout Pack 4631

A TREE GROWS IN EASTPORT. Members of the new Cub Scout Pack #4631 in Eastport planted a disease-resistant Princeton elm tree on April 19 at the city-owned land at the dog park on Drummond Road, which is next to Carryingplace Cove. Shown are Cub Scouts Christopher Watson, James Mitchell, Maverick Renner, Stephen Scott, Kayden Loring and Brendan Sault. They were assisted by den leader Ian O’Hara and Paula and Laszlo Kovecses of The Way It Grows (TWIG). The tree will end up growing more than 12 times the height of the scouts. (Edward French photo)

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Robbinson Maine lambs
SPRING LAMBS are ready to frolic at Karl and Jane North’s farm on the Ridge Road in Robbinston.  (Edward French photo)

Front Page Stories

UT education policy change riles families
by Lora Whelan

Parents with children attending schools in the county's unorganized territories (UT) of Trescott, Cathance and Marion recently received letters of sudden and unexpected changes that could have an impact on which schools their students attend. Education in the UT (EUT) Director Shelley Lane sent letters to families with elementary students notifying them that as of the start of the 2016/2017 school year their children will be attending Edmunds Consolidated School.

by Mary-Alice Cook

Approximately 400 area residents came together as a community in the Gardner Gymnasium at Washington Academy on Saturday evening, April 9, to listen to a 17‑member panel explain the seriousness of the drug abuse problem in Washington County and to attempt to find solutions to the issue.


Grossroots grows community

Super school project eyed
by Lora Whelan

It's not every day that a small island city of 1,300 with a less than robust economy beats out thousands of other communities, many of them with far more financial and human resources. In April the City of Eastport school system found out that it had made the cut from thousands of applicants down to the next round of 348 competing in the national XQ: Super School challenge.

Recruitment efforts begin in Eastport
by Lora Whelan

The City of Eastport's population has declined by 300 people in 10 years, and its existing population has an average age of 54, slightly higher than the state's average. The city is not unique in its loss, as most municipalities in Washington County have been experiencing the same trend. The island city may be small and accused of being off the beaten path, but a number of volunteer‑led efforts are under way to tackle the need for recruitment of businesses and residents of all types.

Three shades of ‘green’ running for mayor on Grand Manan
by Arlene Benham

The similarity of candidates' names in Grand Manan's mayoral race has led, inevitably, to comments about "shades of green" and reminders to voters to read their ballots carefully. Dennis Greene, Philman Green and Murray Green are all seeking election on May 9. Each candidate was asked about his current occupation and previous municipal experience and their priorities for the next council to address.
Murray Green

Whiting ordinance changes don’t alter wind project plans
by Edward French

The decision by Whiting residents to make the town's ordinance governing wind turbines more restrictive has apparently not caused the wind energy company that has been eyeing a possible project in the area since 2010 to drop its plans.

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