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April 14, 2017

Kirby Ridge Farm Dennysville Maine

A LITTLE SNOW IS A SURE SIGN OF SPRING. Snow, an Icelandic sheep, and her four-day-old spring lamb, Snow Jr., enjoy the sun’s warmth on an early April day at Kilby Ridge Farm in Dennysville. The farm, owned by Mark and Violet Willis, currently has 28 sheep and 12 lambs, with more on the way. (Edward French photo)

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Lt. Col. Andrew Pottle
LT. COLONEL ANDREW POTTLE speaks at Hillside Cemetery about the serviceman for whom he is carrying a stone in honor of during The Summit Project memorial walk. (Don Dunbar photo)

Front Page Stories

Biomass firm seeks changes to agreement
by Lora Whelan

Three months after restarting operations of two biomass energy plants in Jonesboro and West Enfield owned since October 2016 by Stored Solar LLC and previously owned by Covanta Energy, Stored Solar has shut down the Jonesboro plant and filed a request with the Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) to amend an agreement it has for utilizing a biomass industry recovery incentive program.

Legislative bill targets county for pilot project to fight opioids
by Lora Whelan

Public hearings held in Augusta on April 11 by the legislature's Health and Human Services Committee on a series of proposed bills to address the opioid crisis in the state brought home the "cry for help" coming from two of Maine's rural counties hit hardest, said committee Co‑chair Rep. Patricia Hymanson. Washington County had the highest rate of drug overdose deaths in the state between 2012 and 2014 and has the second highest rate of drug‑affected babies, nearly double the state average. One of the proposed bills that garnered attention and support with public testimony is a bill for a substance use disorder treatment pilot project sponsored by State Senator Joyce Maker of Calais and co‑sponsored by Rep. Will Tuell of East Machias.


Sacrifices of area veterans remembered

Local walk honors fallen heroes
by Susan Coopersmith

On Saturday morning, April 8, a group of 40 walkers, led by color bearers conveying Maine's state flag and the American flag, hiked a two and a half mile route north from Eastport City Hall along Water Street, up Clark Street to Hillside Cemetery and through the South End before circling back to city hall. What was notable about these hikers was that over half of them were carrying stones in backpacks or bags. The engraved stones are part of The Summit Project, founded in 2013, to honor service members from Maine who have died since September 11, 2001. The project's motto is: "We carry their stone for a hike, we carry their story for a lifetime."

WWI soldier cities revealed
by Edward French

 A new film explores the newly discovered underground cities in northern France where World War I soldiers on both sides of the bloody trenches of the Western Front took refuge. The film brings to light not only the limestone quarries that served as shelter for thousands of troops but also traces a mystery about Native American carvings that were found on the rock walls back to Pleasant Point.

Elver lawsuit points to lack of recourse for tribal members
by Edward French

A Passamaquoddy tribal member who has filed a lawsuit in tribal court over an elver fishery dispute believes his case may be dismissed because of the court's lack of jurisdiction. But he feels the suit highlights a deficiency in the governing structure of the tribe that allows the government to abuse the rights of tribal members.

Dark Harbour eyed as site for $60 million wind farm proposal
by Arlene Benham

About 60 people attended a public meeting at the Grand Manan school on April 5 with representatives of Innergex, a Longueuil, Quebec‑based company, that is proposing a wind farm at Dark Harbour on the western side of the island. Under a provincial renewable energy program, New Brunswick Power is seeking proposals to provide up to 40 megawatts of renewable energy each from First Nations and from "local entities" such as communities or regional service commissions. Innergex approached the village last summer. Discussion has occurred since then, and the meeting was the beginning of the public consultation process.


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